patterned green wall with dark green curtain covering lower half of window and text overlay: how to make a lower-half curtain (no screws or hardware required!)

How to Make a Lower-Half Curtain (No Hardware Required!)

This tutorial shows you how to make an easy lower-half window curtain. Since only the lower half of the window is covered, the curtain works very well to block only what’s needed for privacy, without turning your room into a dark cave with no light.

New Summer Headband Tutorial!

Hey everyone, let me tell you about the latest tutorial I wrote for We Like Sewing magazine! This headband is an easy summer fashion staple that can be made to match any outfit. The stylish twist knot on top adds a bit of sophisticated flair, and you can make the headband out of many different […]

Lego Block Pillows (Free Sewing Pattern!)

I’m giving away the printable PDF sewing pattern to make these adorable Lego Block throw pillows ABSOLUTELY FREE to all of my email subscribers! They’re great for kids, or casual decor in a family room, playroom, or den.

How to Sew Perfect Circles

This is a fun hack that lets you sew perfect circles with no marking or tracing. It’s easy, and all you need is a thumbtack and some tape!

Ironic Tote Bag

Learn how to make your own tote bag. This tote is covered in upcycled clothing labels, and is both a useful accessory, and a commentary on materialism.