How to Organize Sewing Machine Needles

Okay, even though the size of each sewing machine needle is engraved on the needle shank itself, it’s nearly impossible to read. What is that, like a 4 point font or something?!

But sometimes I take a needle out of my machine before it’s used up and ready to throw away. How do I keep track of the size?

I labeled the different sections of this tomato pincushion with a marker. There’s a section for ball point needle sizes 11 and 14, and regular needles in sizes 11, 14, and 16, plus one unlabeled section for miscellaneous needles. And when I’m swapping out a sewing machine needle that I plan to use again later, I make sure to put it in the correct section of the pincushion. That way, I don’t have to attempt to read the tiny print on the needle shank.

This is not the type of pincushion that I use for my actual pins, however. I am still in love with a DIY magnetic pincushion that I came up with a few years ago.

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