Free Easter Printables!

christian greeting cards in basket with text overlay: free easter printables! christian coloring pages and colorable greeting cards for adults and children

Looking for a simple yet meaningful Easter craft this season? These free Easter printables celebrate Jesus’ amazing love for us. I’ve made colorable greeting cards and coloring pages for adults and children that include an uplifting message.

Personalize the free Easter printables with your choice of colors and messages, and give them away to friends and loved ones. The greeting cards and coloring pages also make perfect handouts for children’s church or Sunday school.

Christian coloring pages in fabric Easter basket beside yellow daffodils with text overlay: free Easter printables! Christian coloring pages and colorable greeting cards for adults and children
The Easter basket is a project I made for the latest issue of We Like Quilting magazine. I think it turned out great! If you’d like to make your own, you can read the article here.

You are free to save, print, alter, crop, color, and share them as much as you’d like. They are completely yours! It’s also fine to use them in collages and mixed-media artwork.

It is not okay to sell them for profit, or claim the PDF designs as your own work.

If you’d like to support my free printables, you can always use my affiliate links. (Such as this link to the Amazon homepage.) If you shop on Amazon anyway, it’s a great way to support my site at no extra cost to you. (You’re making Amazon support it!) I use the small commission from purchases made through the links to produce more free content.

Free printable Easter coloring pages for adults and children

blank coloring pages on a colorful background with text overlay: free printable christian coloring pages and greeting cards

Choose your favorite coloring page designs, and click the download buttons below.

Free printable Christian greeting cards

These are the same designs as the coloring pages above, but with a different format. They are colorable greeting cards that were made to be folded so that the design is on the front. You will have a blank card inside where you can write a personalized message. I recommend printing these on cardstock (see my full recommendations for printer settings and paper later in the post.)

Folding the colorable greeting cards

If your printer curled the edges of the cardstock when it pulled the paper through, use a large wooden dowel to bend the paper the opposite way and take the curl out.

Crease the card so that the edge of the design is at the fold.

Slice off the sides using scissors, a paper cutter, or a ruler and cutting mat like I’m using here.

Now write your message inside, and you’re done! A beautiful greeting card featuring your own artwork that’s sure to brighten someone’s day.

How should I color the Easter printables?

Regular colored pencils are a classic way to color pages like these, and you might already have some on hand. I’ve also used ultra-fine tip Sharpies, washable markers, etc. But my favorite way to color these Easter printables is with watercolor pencils. (By the way, as an Amazon affiliate, I earn from purchases made using these links at no extra cost to you.)

The watercolor pencils lay down color easily, just like normal colored pencils. And then the colors intensify and blend like magic when you use the included water brush. They turn any drawing into a stunning watercolor painting! I’ve created a video that shows you how to use watercolor pencils, so you can see the magic happen for yourself.

Watercolor pencils also allow an adult to color the page, and a small child can then blend the colors using the water brush. Since the brush is using only water, which is stored in the handle of the brush, there isn’t much opportunity to make a mess. And the kiddo still feels like they’re painting! I actually used to enjoy water painting books a lot when I was a tiny kid. (They made it onto my ultimate Gift Guide for Creative Kids and Teens!)

free easter printable coloring page colored with metallic pencils

This example used metallic colored pencils, which are an easy way to give your finished project a subtle metallic sheen. Metallic colored pencils are no more difficult to use than regular colored pencils, and they make your project sparkle in the light.

Of course you can also color the Easter printables using markers, crayons, or any other medium you choose. My suggestion is to test the paper you’d like to use first, to make sure it’s thick enough to stand up to your desired medium.

What kind of paper should I use?

All of the greeting cards in this post were printed on this 90 lb cardstock, and it works great even for the watercolor pencils. If you’re using thinner paper, test your pencils or markers first on a piece of paper to make sure that it holds up as well as you’d like it to. Some thin papers may allow markers to bleed through, for example. This might not be a big deal on a coloring page, but on a foldable greeting card, it can be a problem.

If you’d like to use a medium with a little more bleed-through potential, then consider printing the designs on 8.5″ x 11″ watercolor paper. For the watercolor pencil video, I ran watercolor paper through my laser printer to print the design.

Sometimes thicker paper can get curled when it goes through horizontal-feed printers. If your printer curls the edges of the cardstock when it pulls the paper through, use a large wooden dowel (or a broomstick) to bend the paper the opposite way and take the curl out.

Using a laser printer means that the printer ink won’t run once you get it wet with the water brush. Inkjet inks may bleed a little unless you use a drier medium like colored pencils or crayons to color the design.

But you might like the look of colors that travel around a little, and that’s great too! Any paper, ink, or coloring medium that you’re happy with is the right one to use. You can try photo paper, textured cardstock, or anything else that you have on hand and see if you like the results.

printable christian greeting cards

And if you want to skip the coloring step altogether, then you can print the designs on a light-colored decorative paper like this. It’s pretty inexpensive, and I think it looks great! I used it for the picture above.

The designs will always show up best on lighter-colored papers. So I’d personally stay away from papers that are dark or have high-contrast designs already on them.

What printer settings should I use?

I recommend using the “black and white” (or monochrome) setting. I also recommend the “fine” (or high quality) setting. Use the “portrait” page orientation, instead of landscape.

The coloring pages and greeting cards are all sized for an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. But you can absolutely scale the size up or down if you’d like.

I should mention that since printers differ so much, it’s impossible to recommend paper, ink, and settings that will work for 100% of my readers. These settings give me great results with my laser printer. Thick cardstock and even watercolor paper prints fine for me without any issues. But I can’t guarantee that your printer will get along with the same setup that mine will.

I hope you enjoy the free Easter printables! Print out as many as you’d like and give them out to friends and family. Or pass them around to the kids at your Sunday school or children’s church. They are such a colorful reminder of Jesus and His amazing love for each one of us!

I also have a few more faith-based crafts and tutorials you might enjoy.

Take care!


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