Wonderful Winter Sewing Projects

fabric and tape measure on snow-covered greenery with text overlay: wonderful winter sewing projects
fabric and tape measure on snow-covered greenery with text overlay: wonderful winter sewing projects

When the weather outside is still a bit frightful, try firing up one of these winter sewing projects that are so delightful on dreary days. There are sewing projects to keep you or your pets warm, as well as some that bring cheer to your home decor. I’ve listed projects for every skill level, so choose something that strikes your fancy, and let’s get crafting!

1. Join All Free Sewing’s Mystery Sew-Along

I’m super excited that All Free Sewing asked me to design the mystery sew-along project for January! There will be a clue to follow each week, as we make our project in 4 different steps. I can’t tell you what we’re making, but I can tell you that it’s a fun upcycled project that gives new life to some worn out t-shirts. I think the project is great for sewists of all skill levels. This is going to be so much fun, I hope you sew along!

2. Make Your Own Pair of Slippers (using these free patterns!)

Sewing a pair of slippers is a great way to challenge your sewing skills this winter! Check out the free pattern for these slipper socks from Patterns for Pirates. And if you prefer a pair of slippers that stops at your ankle, this free fleece slipper pattern from learncreatesew.com caught my eye. Both of these DIY slipper designs are adorable and easy to customize. They are such practical things to make for yourself or give as gifts, and are the perfect winter sewing project! I recommend them for anyone who has some experience sewing with fleece.

3. Design Your Own Gloves

how to make your own gloves

Here’s another great winter sewing project: my tutorial shows you how to make your own gloves! It walks you through choosing a suitable fabric, and using your own hand as a pattern. You can make your gloves any length you like, and I’ve included instructions to create fingerless gloves as well. Give this fun project a try, and learn how to make your own gloves to keep the winter chill at bay! I recommend this project for beginners and experienced sewists alike.

4. Sew a Winter Snowman Wall Hanging

This snowman wall hanging is something I designed for the January issue of We Like Quilting magazine. It’s such a fun, fanciful project that is sure to bring a smile on cold winter days. Make one for yourself or to give as a gift! The snowman has a 3-D effect, standing out from the background due to a technique called trapunto. The wall hanging is a more advanced project that involves quilting and binding, but don’t let that scare you away from giving it a try. It’s a great scrap buster, since it utilizes small pieces of fabric and leftover batting.

5. Make a Fleece Ear Warmer

I designed a cozy fleece ear warmer for the January issue of We Like Sewing magazine. It’s the perfect sewing project to keep the winter chill at bay! And with so many fun fleece colors and patterns at the fabric store these days, you can easily make your ear warmer fit right in with your style. It’s a quick and easy project, but it’s best if you have some experience sewing with knit or napped fabrics already.

6. Create a Warm Winter Hat

Here’s another great way to keep warm while you show off your DIY style! This beanie hat with a twisted top from Amy Family DIY is a real winner. The interesting detail on the top doesn’t require any fancy sewing skills, yet looks impressive. The hat is easy enough for beginners, and the instructions are very easy to follow.

7. Sew a Stylish Neck Warmer

I really like this neck warmer on the Kreative Kiwi website, designed by Cathy from Pickle Creations. It’s simple to make, yet it adds a great focal point to your outfit. It’s also a fabulous way to showcase some embroidery designs or fancy appliques! I recommend it for sewists of all skill levels.

8. Make a Cozy Sleeping Bag for Your Pets (with free PDF pattern!)

ferret sleeping bag
fun ferret tent

Your pets might be feeling the winter chill as well! This DIY monster-shaped pet sleeper is something I get a huge kick out of. I drafted the free printable pattern to be easily scaled up to fit a slightly larger pet. So even though I designed it with ferrets in mind, cat lovers and small dog owners can make use of it as well. It’s more of an intermediate to advanced sewing project, since it makes use of featherboning to hold the monster’s mouth open. But it’s a great way to expand your skills, and pets are so much fun to sew for! It’s a hilarious addition to your home decor. And it doubles as play item, since the tail is a springy, spiky toy. Please be aware that the monster also eats redheads.

9. Sew Some Reusable Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are one of those classic winter sewing projects that are simple and practical. Kim from Craft Buggy demonstrates the technique in this video. You really don’t need a pattern to make hand warmers, and they are perfect for beginners! All you need is some 100% cotton or linen fabric, uncooked rice, and a needle and thread.

I’ve made hot packs like these in a variety of sizes, with different fillings (such as buckwheat hulls). You can make larger versions to use like a hot water bottle, to warm a cold bed or soothe cramps. You can also add essential oils or crushed cinnamon sticks to the filling, for some extra aromatherapy!

To use, heat your hand warmers in the microwave for 30 seconds alongside (not in!) a mug of water. Or, bake them in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees F.

10. Mend (or Restyle) Your Sweatshirts

sweatshirt with new cuffs

Are the cuffs on your sweatshirts worn (or could just use a little updating)? My tutorial will show you how to replace the cuffs on a sweatshirt with a contrasting band of fabric or ribbing. You can also use this method to make the sweatshirt sleeves a little bit longer or shorter. And, you’ll end up with a toasty warm sweatshirt that’s 100% unique to you! This project is for sewists who have some experience sewing with knit fabrics already, although it is not particularly difficult.

11. Create a Scarf with Pockets

We all love dresses with pockets, right? How about a scarf with pockets? Delia from Delia Creates made this deep-pocket scarf that’s great for keeping your hands AND neck warm. And if you’re looking for something a little more offbeat, This cargo scarf by lovefromvirgil on instructables makes a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. I recommend pocket scarves for new and experienced sewists alike.

12. Make Your Own Hooded Cape

hooded cape and other winter sewing projects

Nothing chases away the chills like a cozy blanket you can wear everywhere! That pretty much describes this hooded cape designed by Emily from Life Sew Savory. It’s a larger-scale project than most of the others I’m recommending here. But it’s simple enough that I encourage you to give it a go no matter your skill level, although a woven fabric (such as a wool blanket) will be much easier for beginners to work with than a stretchy or napped fabric. The free printable hood pattern Emily created will give you a huge head start with this simple project.

There’s a whole lot of great ideas around the web, and those 12 projects are some of my favorites! I hope you’ve picked up some inspiration for your next winter sewing project. Happy sewing, my crafty friends!

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