How to Keep Bra Straps from Slipping Off Your Shoulders

how to keep bra straps on your shoulders

This quick and easy fix gets a grip on those slippery bra straps that always slide off of your shoulders. It’s not going to work on bras that should have been thrown away three years ago, straps that have lost every bit of their stretch, etc… there’s no magic fix for something that far gone. But this trick works great on straps that are just too slick, and it also fixes straps that don’t stay adjusted to the length you set them at. It’s inexpensive and very easy to do. Here’s how:

Get a little squeeze bottle of Tulip dimensional (or 3-D) fabric paint from this link or at any craft store. Make sure that the paint you are using is called dimensional or 3-D fabric paint, and not flat, soft, matte, or some other finish. You want it to end up textured and grippy when it dries. You can match the color to your bra straps, or get wild with something contrasting, glow-in-the-dark, or glittery. I haven’t used every brand on the market, but I like Tulip brand the best for this purpose. It has a great texture when it dries. (Tulip never paid me or gave me free stuff to recommend their brand; I just recommend it because it’s my favorite.)

Use the fabric paint to create some polka dots (or hearts, or whatever you like) on about 4″ of the strap, where it touches the top of your shoulder. Make fairly thick spots of paint, because it will be flatter once it dries, and if it’s smeared too thin, it won’t be very textured. If your bra straps don’t stay adjusted to the length you set them at, make sure to put a dot right beside the plastic slide that adjusts the length, so that the paint will keep the strap from pulling through the slide by itself.

If the paint doesn’t keep the bra straps on your shoulders, you may be wearing the wrong size bra. Or you might need a more drastic fix, like moving or replacing the straps altogether. You can also connect the straps to each other in the back, to turn the bra into a racerback style. But since the fabric paint hack is so quick and easy to do, I recommend trying it first.

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