On Being Adventurous with Your Projects

For some people, the process of creating something can be a bit daunting. You don’t want to “waste” time, materials, etc. You might be thinking that it “probably won’t turn out that good” or something like that.

But what if it does turn out that good? What if an epic outfit was never created because the possibility of wasting fabric made you too uncomfortable?

rock climbing

And what if your fears come true, and your project doesn’t end up like you’d hoped? Repeat after me: So what.

So what? It’s just fabric. There aren’t many ways that you can render a piece of fabric completely unusable for any future purpose. But what if you do? Again, so what? If you have some pants you can’t wear, and you try to fix them and you make a mistake, then what will you have? Some pants you can’t wear. And some experience. And some better ideas about what you can try next time. And that sounds like a win to me.

About SnazzyBot

I am an artist and fashion designer with a passion for helping people bring their own creative dreams to life. I love sharing my projects with fellow crafters, and I hope you find ideas and inspiration on my blog! As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use my affiliate links to make a purchase.

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