How to Attach Any Pull to a Ceiling Fan Chain

skeleton keys hanging from a ceiling fan

Want to make a DIY ceiling fan chain pull, but the object only has a loop at the top? That’s okay! I’m going to show you how to attach anything to a ceiling fan chain. Now you can use anything as a chain pull!

Ball chains (those chains made with tiny metal balls that often hang from ceiling fans and lights, you know the stuff) are everywhere. It’s easy to swap out the chain pulls if the item you want to use was made to attach to a ball chain connector. But what if it wasn’t? Here’s how to make your own DIY adapter so that you can attach anything to a ceiling fan chain! (Okay, not ANYTHING. Please don’t use your pets as chain pulls. But you get the idea.)

how to attach a loop to a ball chain

I bought this assortment of skeleton keys, and I wanted to use some of the larger ones on the ends of the pull chains on my ceiling fans. I have a gothic/steampunk/mermaid theme going on in my craft room, and I thought the skeleton keys would be a perfect addition! But the keys just have a loop at the top for hanging. So I looked online for ball chain adapters, and they do exist, but THEY COST WAY TOO MUCH IT’S NOT WORTH IT I ONLY NEED EIGHT (collapses dramatically while sobbing). So I started thinking about what I could use instead, and I came up with these 3 hacks. I tested all 3, and they worked perfectly, so you can take your pick:

  • A small stud earring.
  • A regular straight pin, like you’d use for sewing.
  • A sequin pin with a small metal bead threaded onto it.

Whichever hack you choose, the little ball part should be about as big as the balls that make up the chain. You can see in the picture that the stud earring and sequin pin/bead were perfect for the larger chain, and the straight pin was just right for the smaller chain. Since all of these things come in different sizes, just choose something that matches your particular ceiling fan chain, and you’re good to go! (I should note that I’ve come across some really thin, flimsy sewing pins. So pick one that’s pretty sturdy.)

I cut the pins with a pair of needle-nosed pliers from a set of jewelry-making pliers, since the pins were much longer than I needed. Then I used the pliers to bend the wire part of the pins/earrings around the loops of my skeleton keys. Now, the stud/pinhead/bead pops right into the ball chain connector! Woohoo!

skeleton keys hanging from a ceiling fan chain with text overlay: how to attach anything to a ceiling fan chain

The connector, of course, then snaps on to my ceiling fan chain. I think they look awesome! You can’t really see the pin head, bead, etc, because it’s up inside the connector. And they haven’t come off or loosened when I pull on them; they seem very sturdy.

Try this trick to use jewelry, pendants, ornaments, strung beads, or other found objects as DIY chain pulls. Now you know how to use any item as a chain pull! So what do you want to hang from YOUR ceiling fan?

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  1. tlynn823

    You are a lifesaver! I’ve been looking for a way to do this and haven’t found anything so now I can use what I want, not only on my ceiling fans but on my closet lights too! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. KL Anspach

    Pretty clever, will try in my bedroom closet. My favorite tip next to this one is using duct tape inside tennis shoes when your toe threatens to poke through Thanks!

  3. Randy

    Awesome! I have been trying for years to do this using thin wire wrapped around the chain and then through the ornament loop. It lasts for a while, but eventually the wire either breaks or pulls free from the chain. I used your trick with the straight pin and it works like a charm! I salute your genius!

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